About the Consultant

Biographical Sketch

Adam Saucedo is an up and coming Mental Performance Consultant working out of the greater Bay Area of Northern California. His athletic participation began with little league baseball experience at the age of five. From that point on his love of sports was perpetuated and increased to include involvement in youth soccer and recreational league basketball. In high school, he made the basketball and baseball team all four years, earning awards and accolades along the way. Also in high school, Adam's was exposed to his first psychology class. Almost immediately, Adam knew that he wanted to increase his knowledge in this subject.

Not only did Adam excel in sports, but he was at the top of his graduating class in high school. Due to his academic prowess, he was accepted into Santa Clara University. There he decided to focus his studies on psychology. In addition to academic studies, Adam yearned to belong to a sports team. Even though he had never played rugby before, he joined the Santa Clara University Rugby Team and played rugby all four years of college. He learned a great deal about himself, as an athlete and as a student, during his four years at the university. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.


After graduation, Adam was not sure how he could combine his love for sports with his interest in psychology. He located a Master's Degree program in Sport Psychology at John F. Kennedy University at Pleasant Hill, CA. Once he was accepted into the program, he quickly realized that he had a natural knack for Mental Performance consulting. With each quarter that passed, his knowledge base and enjoyment of the field increased. During his time at J.F.K.U., he was required to complete four internships.


In his final internship, Adam worked with the Men's Water Polo Team at Santa Clara University. He was extremely excited about giving back to his alma mater for his last internship. Overall, the four internships gave Adam a wide variety of experiences that he carries with him to this day.


In conclusion, Adam Saucedo is among the bright new consultants on the scene. His enthusiasm and genuine love of the field provides a solid foundation from which he works. He currently works with all types of athletes, at various competition levels.

Philosophy of Practice

My philosophy of practice is that the athlete is the expert on him or herself. Through observation and proper rapport building, I can gather the necessary information to assist the athlete with his or her presenting issue(s). I believe that it is my role as a consultant to provide the tools for the athlete to enhance their mental skills, however it is up to them to personalize the tools. I feel it is important for the athlete to take the tools one step further and help him or her figure out ways to use them outside of sport.

Current Teams

Over the course of my career, I have worked with and continue to work with the following teams, in both group and individual settings, within the Santa Clara University Athletics Department:


Santa Clara University Men's Basketball
Santa Clara University Women's Basketball
Santa Clara University Women's Cross Country & Track
Santa Clara University Men's Golf
Santa Clara University Women's Golf
Santa Clara University Men's Soccer
Santa Clara University Softball
Santa Clara University Men's Tennis
Santa Clara University Women's Tennis
Santa Clara University Men's Water Polo
Santa Clara University Women's Water Polo


Bronco Leadership Program


For three years, I led the innovative "Bronco Leadership Program"‚Äč in conjunction with the Athletic Department. I led discussions and exercises designed to enhance the effectiveness of the captains/team leaders of each athletic team at Santa Clara University throughout the year. The head coaches of each athletic program hand-picked the captains/team leaders to participate in this program. We met every few months to reinforce the material and provide new skills to assist these athletes' growth as leaders. Moving forward, the program has shifted directions and will be integrated into another program.


San Jose State University Women’s Soccer Program


Heading into my third season, I facilitate a Mental Training program with the San Jose State Women's Soccer program. We explore skills to assist both the individual athletes and the team, as a whole. We have team meetings every few weeks to introduce new mental skills strategies and to reflect and build our awareness around successes and areas of continued improvement. I work with the athletes in both a team and individual consulting setting. In addition, I work closely with the coaching staff to ensure that they are aware of what is being taught to their athletes. We discuss ways for them to reinforce these behaviors both in practice and in competition.


Linfield College Women's Soccer Program


Heading into my fifth season, I travel to Oregon to provide a Mental Training workshop prior to the start of their season. We work on skills that can be applied individually, as well as in a team setting. Together, we create a template for their continued growth throughout the season. I return to Oregon at the end of their season to attend the final matches and to add closure to the work. Throughout the seasons, I will work remotely with the athletes and coaching staff.

Current Organizations


Starting in July of 2016, I will be working in conjunction with NC Fit staff to provide Mindset Coaching to the members of NC Fit. This will be a service available to new and current members. The service is intended to provide an initial framework around the mental side of fitness. This built in support-system allows clients to explore mindset techniques to ensure a positive fitness experience from day one. The programs consists of weekly in-person and remote check-ins to ensure optimal results.


Since 2010, I have worked closely with the individual competitors and team members that represent NorCal CrossFit in CrossFit-sanctioned competitions. I mentally prepare them for each CrossFit competition, including the CrossFit Open, the California CrossFit Regionals and the CrossFit Games. We work on a variety of mental skills to maximize their training performance and experience, as they prepare for competition. In addition, we work on mental skills and strategies that are used on-site during their competitions.


Another component of the services I provide is facilitation of Mental Training workshops for both NorCal CrossFit competitive athletes and general NorCal CrossFit members. I also travel to other CrossFit affiliates to present similar Mental Training workshops.


Finally, I was fortunate to be a part of the NC RISE Program in the Fall of 2015. We chose 6 participants to undertake a 3-month lifestyle transformation challenge. Each participant had different health and lifestyle challenges. Weekly, the participants had to complete 3 workouts, a nutrition consultation meeting and a Mental Training consultation meeting. The results we more than we could have anticipated. We documented the entire process and a documentary will be out in the Spring of 2016.


Here is a link to the documentary: www.nc.fit/rise



Saucedo Mental Performance Consulting and Eagle Fustar Tennis Academy are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership in which Saucedo Mental Performance Consulting will become the exclusive mental toughness partner for Eagle Fustar Tennis.


Eagle Fustar Tennis Academy was founded in 2003 by former professionals Brian Eagle and Nick Fustar. It is currently one of the premier training academies in Northern California for over 200 high-level junior and professional players.


Saucedo Mental Performance Consulting will be providing mental toughness training for the Eagle Fustar's Full-Time Training Program on a weekly basis. The program is based at Santa Clara University's Degheri Tennis Center. Their mission is to provide the best training available to each player in the program.


In addition, Saucedo Mental Performance Consulting will be available to work individually with any of the many other tennis players who attend the specialized clinics and private lessons that Eagle Fustar Tennis offers.


Saucedo is excited to become partners with Eagle Fustar. He believes that mental toughness training is the key to a consistently high-level of performance.


Saucedo Mental Performance Consulting and Mint Condition Fitness are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership in which Saucedo Mental Performance Consulting will become the exclusive Exercise Success Consultant for Mint Condition Fitness.


The Mint Condition Fitness training system is designed to be a personal training studio completely different from any other facility. With a comprehensive health and fitness program, clients can expect a personalized training program to meet everyone's needs and goals. Their mission is as follows: "To significantly improve the health of our community through effective and sustainable health practices. In other words, we want to provide results that last while teaching our clients how to maintain those results."


As Exercise Success Consultant, I will be working in conjunction with the Fitness Coaches in order to ensure the personalized support necessary to achieve optimal results. Clients will have the opportunity to focus specifically on what has held him or her back in the past and how he or she will break through those barriers this time. In addition, clients will explore personal motivating factors and be provided information on how to stay on track. For more details, please refer to the Mint Condition Fitness website.

Literary Contributions

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Here is my latest article in the ProAnox June Newsletter entitled, "Understanding Your Attitude: Becoming Your Own Biggest Fan."


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Just in time for the CrossFit Open...

What: "Train Your Brain!" - A Mental Performance Workshop for CrossFit Athletes

Why: You physically train your body day in and day out to seek gains, however, how much time and effort do you put into your mental performance training? Come learn more about the importance of mental performance training so you can optimize your CrossFit performance. You will learn how to incorporate specific Sport Psychology skills to enhance your performance, motivation and confidence. Whether you are preparing to compete in the Open or trying to enhance your training experience, this workshop is for you! Sign up soon, space is limited.

Who: Adam Saucedo, M.A., is a Mental Performance Consultant working in Northern California. Since receiving his Master's degree in Sport Psychology, he has gained a great deal of experience working with athletes and exercisers at all levels and competition settings. Adam currently works with multiple athletic programs at his alma mater, Santa Clara University. In addition, his private consulting practice also includes working within the CrossFit community. Over the past few years, he has been fortunate to work with and assist multiple high-level Men's, Women's and Master's CrossFit Games athletes and Northern California regional competitors. He facilitates workshops to share his insights of the sport and community.

Where: Pariah CrossFit - 3207 Roymar Rd. Oceanside, CA

When: February 22, 2014 at 10:30am - The meeting will last approximately an hour. There will be a Q & A section afterwards. Please come 15 minutes ahead of time to check-in and receive materials.

Cost: $25 (includes take-away materials) You can sign-up in person at Pariah CrossFit or click the PayPal link below.

If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to: SaucedoSportPsych@gmail.com.



"Train Your Brain!" - A Mental Performance Workshop for Athletes & Exercisers


Date: September, 2013 at San Jose Barbell in San Jose, CA (Time and Date to Follow)


Cost (including take-away materials): $30 (or $25 each if you bring a friend)


This workshop should last approximately an hour. Please arrive 15 minutes early to check-in and receive materials. Please RSVP to SaucedoSportPsych@gmail.com. There is a limited amount of space. Please sign-up, as soon as possible, to ensure your participation. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.


"Train Your Brain!" - A Mental Performance Workshop for CrossFit Athletes


Date: March 30th, 2013 at NorCal CrossFit in San Jose, CA


Date: March 22nd, 2013 at CrossFit Pleasanton in Pleasanton, CA


The Master Class: Athletic Training and Performance Enhancement for the Master Athlete


Date: June 9th, 2012 at TJ's Gym in Novato, CA