Service Plans

*Rates for all services plans will be discussed upon personal contact.

Individual Plans

The basic service plan requires a five-session minimum. The most popular plan is a ten-session package. The sessions can be once a week or once every two weeks, depending on the client's needs. If the client wants to add more sessions there are two ways:

  • The client can choose to add additional sessions for maintenance of skills/techniques at a one-time fee or
  • The client can choose to purchase sessions in five-session increments to enhance current skills/techniques.

    There will be an additional charge for observation outside of our sessions if the client so chooses.

    Individual Scenarios

  • Bobby is a high school varsity basketball player. In addition to his extracurricular sport activity, he is studying for the SATs, has two upper division classes and is on the yearbook committee. He is experiencing difficulty in staying motivated and focused both in practice and in competition.
  • Jennifer is a college freshman soccer player. She is trying to find her place on the team yet is not getting much playing time. When she is given the opportunity to play, she does not feel ready and focused and often “chokes” under the pressure. She fears her poor performance will hurt her chances of future playing time. She is frustrated and is close to quitting the team.
  • Michael is a baseball player on a new summer travel team who is having issues getting along with other players on his team. He feels excluded by the other players since he is one of the only new players on the team and is not a starter. He does not know that best way to integrate himself smoothly into the team.    
  • Kelly is a Master’s tennis player. She finds it difficult to control her temper when a call does not go her way. She is unable to let go of the last game, which affects her on the next set, causing her to make mistakes. In turn, she gets even angrier and falls into a downward spiral.

    Team Plans

    Team plans are customized to meet the needs and scheduling constraints of the team. They can include a specified number of observation hours, team meetings and individual player meetings.


  • Observation hours are designed to allow the consultant to view the team in both practice and competition settings as to their interactions with each other, as well as with the coaching staff, in order to assess their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Team meetings, which can be conducted with or without the presence of the coaching staff, provide a “safe space” for the athletes to express themselves without judgment or fear of negative consequences. Meetings are designed to meet the specific needs of the team, each one tailored to teach and implement new mental performance skills and techniques. In addition, the meetings are designed to foster team cohesion while maintaining individual autonomy.
  • Individual player meetings can be at the coach’s or the individual athlete’s request. Athletes can delve further into topics discussed in team meetings or discuss other presenting issues affecting their performance.

    Team Scenarios

  • Following a successful season, a high school football team is now facing a rebuilding year, replacing a solid senior class with a group of inexperienced younger players. The team is left with no clear leadership, causing the players difficultly in figuring out individual roles on the team. The cohesion on the team is minimal leaving the coach staff with concern over their ability to play well as a team.
  • A club volleyball team is experiencing their first losing season of the past four years. There is a great deal of “finger-pointing” going on as no one is willing to take responsibility for their actions. The coaches and parents believe the team is not living up to its potential.

    What clients can expect:

  • A comfortable working relationship
  • Personalized attention/ Personalized consulting
  • Professional experience
  • Approachable demeanor
  • Working knowledge of most sports, however willing to do the research to familiarize myself with any other sports.