Sport Psychology

What is Sport Psychology?

Sport Psychology is the study of an athlete's behavior, looking at the mental factors affecting participation and performance in sport, exercise, and physical activity.

What is a Mental Performance Consultant?

What is in my scope of expertise as a Mental Performance Consultant:

  • Create an individualized Mental Performance framework specific to a client’s performance needs, in both a sport or business context.
  • Help clients build, measure and improve critical Sport Psychology skills necessary for sustaining elite performance.
  • Educate teams and coaching staffs in areas such as improvement of communication, team cohesion and leadership development.


    What is not in my scope of expertise as a Mental Performance Consultant:

  • Coach clients on the technical or tactical components of the performance.
  • Diagnose Psychopathological Disorders, such as depression or anxiety.
  • Provide Family Therapy.

    Sport Psychology Skills

    Skills we can work on individually or in a team setting:

  • Energy/Stress Management
  • Motivation
  • Goal Setting
  • Increasing Self-Confidence
  • Attention/concentration Control (Focus)
  • Imagery/Visualization
  • Time Management/Organization
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Team Building/Conflict Management
  • Greater awareness of themselves as an athlete